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When you work with us, we are partners. We explore together, digging in when you are ready and touching on the tender places that can help you break through.

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Tara A. Collison, Ph.D., PCC


Hello, my name is Tara Collison. I founded Meddlers out of a deep desire to help others be their best selves. My personal journey has been one of self-discovery, reflection, and a relentless pursuit of purpose. This led me to a place where I can help others do the same, regardless of whether they want a traditional life and career, something off the beaten path, or some beautiful mix of conventional and unconventional.
My story of personal and professional growth mirrors the stories of countless other people, including many inspirational women, who dared to reinvent themselves. Having traversed the corporate landscape throughout my career, I built my expertise with Fortune 50 companies, empowering leaders, teams, and organizations to achieve their goals. While decades of experience left me with indelible skills and knowledge, it also took a toll on my health and well-being. Recognizing the need to make a profound shift, I embarked on a journey of transformation, propelled by a desire for more meaning.
Today, I incorporate dimensions of spirituality into my life and work, including astrology, mindfulness, and heart coherence techniques. A blend of ancient wisdom, modern neuroscience, corporate expertise, holistic knowledge, and intuition allows me to guide people down their own path of self-discovery, alignment, and transformation. As a catalyst for change, I continue to invest in myself and inspire others to embrace the power of the heart and mind (and sometimes stars!) on their own transformative journeys.

Together, we can “mind” your business (and your life).

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