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No matter who you are, where you are, and what your goals are, we blend knowledge and best practices gained from years of experience in a bespoke way to bring you exactly what you need in the moment.

Executive & Leadership Coaching, Group Alchemy Labs & Self Study

We offer three primary services — Executive & Leadership Coaching, Group Alchemy Labs, and Self-study Materials, which involves ongoing one-on-one work, and provides access to intensive workshops.

When you work with us, we are partners. We can pull from any category of service to address your needs and maximize the likelihood of transformation and growth. One thing we know is that everyone is different, making every service a mix of tried-and-true methodology and personalization.

All Services Delivered and Enjoyed Virtually!

All our services are delivered virtually. With over 20 years’ experience working and facilitating virtually, we seamlessly integrate video, web conference, email, chat and other communication technologies to meet you wherever you are in the world.

True change emerges from consistent commitment and practice. By offering services virtually, you are more easily able to integrate change into your regular work flow and life, not as a separate or disjointed “appointment” or “event”.

Self-Study Materials

Self-study Materials include interactive, on-demand content meant to help you unlock your growth and potential at your own pace. These free and low-cost materials are created to help you unlock specific change in a way that feels authentic to you.

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Group Alchemy Labs

Group Alchemy Labs are custom, seasonal group experiences that run from 4-12 weeks, focusing on a specific topic. Essentially, if you’re ready to go deeper than self-study, these intensive group workshops are a great way to engage and still tap into your own version of success.

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Executive & Leadership Coaching

If you engage in Executive & Leadership Coaching, your professional and personal growth takes center stage. This comprehensive service includes a unique blend of assessment and discovery services, combined with ongoing one-on-one coaching that fosters a deep, collaborative relationship between you and your coach. Together, we can focus on a myriad of topics, including career, well-being, or health, incorporating dimensions of spirituality along the way.

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