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Every single client is different, meaning every service is tailored.
We blend customization with knowledge and best practices gained from years of experience to bring you exactly what you need in the moment.

Coaching, Team Building & Consulting, and Predictive Index.

We offer three primary services –– coaching, team building & consulting, and Predictive Index (P.I.). When you work with us, we consider you a partner in the process. We can pull from any category of service to address your needs and maximize the likelihood of success. One thing we know is that every single client is different, making every service a mix of personalization and tried-and-true methodology. While sometimes mindfully repurposed, you can be sure that your experience with Meddlers is never blindly recycled.

All of our services can be accessed and enjoyed virtually!

All of our services can be accessed and enjoyed virtually, meaning we leverage the use of video calls and conferences, email, chat and any other communication-based technology that you’re comfortable with. We have 20 years of experience working and facilitating changes in this way.

The option to consult virtually has never been as important as it is now, so you can rest assured that we will meet you wherever you are, be that at home, in the office, or on-the-go. We also believe that true change happens with commitment over time, and by offering services virtually with frequent interaction, it allows us to integrate change into your regular work flow, not as a separate or disjointed “appointment” or “event.”


We coach individuals, teams, and businesses virtually or in-person to make strategic and behavioral shifts to improve strategies for business, people, leadership, and culture.

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Predictive Index

P.I. is an easy-to-understand but robust software with assessments and insights to help leaders align business strategy with a talent strategy that works.

More importantly, it optimizes your talent strategy by focusing on helping people understand their drives, needs, and behaviors, allowing leaders to bring their talent strategy to life through the construction of high-functioning teams, and maximizing individual and group engagement and performance.

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Team Building & Consulting

Engaged companies see 6% higher net profit margins, so it’s important to put thought and consideration into the way you build your teams with both engagement and alignment in mind. That’s where we come in!

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