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How Urgency Can Help You Counteract the Toll of Emotional Overwhelm

Overwhelm breeds an unconscious (or conscious) need to unplug that can easily turn into a bit of mental laziness, which ultimately means we’re not tapping into our full potential to confront issues and solve problems.

How to How to Embrace “the Wall:” An Antidote to Toxic Positivity

In most cases, toxic positivity comes from a lack of understanding about how to respond to difficult or uncomfortable situations. It may even be an honest effort to make yourself or someone else feel better, but ultimately, it dismisses legitimate emotions instead of affirming them. Similarly, it dismisses legitimate barriers and obstacles.

Real Change Occurs Within One’s Self

The desire for change — in career or location — has always been influenced by the sense most people have that if they were just in a new environment, everything would be different.

In actuality, when we make big external changes, regardless of context, we bring along our old habits, behaviors, and patterns of thought. After the initial shock of any change wears off, we realize that nothing’s different after all. Real change — the kind that follows you wherever you roam — occurs within one’s self.

Is Not Being Heard Contributing to Your Burnout at Work?

The economy is larger now than pre-pandemic; however, we’re down 5 million U.S. workers from before COVID-19. The concept of burnout has existed since the 70s, but never before has there been such a steep climb in exhaustion, fatigue, and reevaluation.

How to Embrace Surrender as a Means of Control

We all crave certainty and, even more so, control. Having it makes us feel like we determine our own destiny. Honestly, the idea of control feels powerful, and power feels good; but control is mostly an illusion — the harder you fight for it, the farther away you get.

Three Ways to Access Joy That Don’t Require Reflection

Joy will sometimes find us on its own, but we’re generally responsible for going out and finding it ourselves. It’s an active search, not a passive waiting. In some ways, you can boil it down to two things — surrender and expression.

Defining Your Own Version of Success: How and Why to Reject the Default

Whether you never intended to lead or you discovered along the way that it wasn’t for you, great! Always define (and re-define) success for yourself, and know that your definition can change over time.

How Do We Acknowledge the Power of Complexity In Our Search for Simplification

In nearly every pursuit, people are quick to narrow things down to a single interpretation or narrative. That urge is so ingrained in us that we sometimes forget to challenge it. Simple is always better, right?

Three Ways to Assess Your Own Personal Commitment

I recently dug into the concept of assessing and increasing your team’s level of commitment and ownership, but what if the person whose commitment you want to adjust is your own? It’s a different process when you’re looking in the mirror, so to speak. In some ways, it’s more difficult, if only because it requires more honest self-analysis.