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Nothing Changes ‘til You Do: The First Steps of a Journey

I’ve noticed a strange tension in the world. So many of us want things to change, say we need things to change, but as the saying goes, “Nothing changes ‘til you do.” In most cases, we either don’t know how or don’t want to go on that journey. Maybe we even secretly or overtly wish that the […]

Give Yourself Time to Address Burnout Before You Accelerate

Many of us have “That’s not it” syndrome — In other words, we don’t know exactly what we want, but we know what to point to and say, “That’s not it.”  When in a heightened state of stress or threat, as is the case when we experience burnout, it’s very easy to identify first with […]

The Great Reflection and Power of Pause

Most of us have something in our lives that we’d like to change, whether it’s related to our career, relationships, health & wellness, or personal goals. The last two years certainly gave us a good picture of what we’d like to move away from or leave behind, but there’s an important step that a lot […]

Embrace Chaos Through Clarity: Ask Yourself 4 Questions

2022 started at warp speed, and to say that the chaos of 2020-2021 continues is an understatement. We constantly receive distressing information from our peers, cellphones, politicians, and televisions. Our world is always on high-alert, and even the turmoil that used to feel distant is now in our back pockets. It’s a non-stop pace of […]

The Importance of Intention: 4 Tips to Avoid Perfunctory Responsiveness

In the last decade, a new kind of product has taken over the health & wellness market — wearable health trackers and monitors like Oura Ring, FitBit, or SmartWatch. They track heart rate, physical activity, temperature, sleep patterns, and more; plus they provide personalized health insights and structured guidance. I was recently gifted an Oura […]

How to Go Deeper Than the “Idea of the Day!”

The human mind is predisposed to getting trapped or side-tracked by easy, obvious solutions. We’re enamored by the “Idea of the Day” and can become stuck inside the message of a recently released book, a single quote, or the latest podcast. This is never more true than when our mental reservoirs are depleted, like, for […]

How Urgency Can Help You Counteract the Toll of Emotional Overwhelm

In the last two years, all of us have dealt with emotional overwhelm, whether it stemmed from the pandemic, financial concerns, the political climate, the actual climate, or some combination of these. Overwhelm breeds an unconscious (or conscious) need to unplug that can easily turn into a bit of mental laziness, which ultimately means we’re […]

How to Embrace Surrender as a Means of Control

We all crave certainty and, even more so, control. Having it makes us feel like we determine our own destiny. Honestly, the idea of control feels powerful, and power feels good; but control is mostly an illusion — the harder you fight for it, the farther away you get. Ironically, the best way to attain […]

Three Ways to Access Joy That Don’t Require Reflection

Joy will sometimes find us on its own, but we’re generally responsible for going out and finding it ourselves. It’s an active search, not a passive waiting. In some ways, you can boil it down to two things — surrender and expression. Like Brené Brown says, “Joy is the most vulnerable emotion we experience.” We […]