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How to Hack Your Brain to Boost Your Productivity

You get to work in the morning, a fresh cup of coffee in hand. “Today will be different,” you think. “Today I’m going to get everything done.” No sooner than you sit that a Twitter notification pops up on your phone. You open the app, start scrolling, and the next thing you know, it’s 10 […]

Organizational Culture Is Not One-Size-Fits-All

Corporate culture is widely discussed, but it’s rare to find a company that has mastered the practice of shaping and maintaining a culture that suits them. Don’t believe anyone who says it’s easy. Building the right culture takes time and thought, and frankly, there’s no simple answer. More importantly, there is no single answer—it’s not […]

How Your Thought Patterns Lead to More Workplace Happiness

It’s not necessarily a groundbreaking revelation, but happier team members tend to be more productive and, dare we say it, actually enjoy their jobs. Ensuring everyone in your workplace is happy is far easier said than done and there are plenty of variables to consider: compensation and benefits, your office culture, and interpersonal relationships all […]

Agree to Disagree: The Power of Conflict

Whether you were part of an argument or watched a battle unfold from the sidelines, you’ve likely felt the discomfort of unproductive workplace conflict. Conflict activates our fight, flight, or freeze mechanism and causes strong physical, emotional, and mental reactions: anxiety, uncertainty, clammy skin, even shaking. Our gut reaction is to avoid it because we […]

How to Keep Talented Employees Engaged

Naturally, your company wants to attract new talent, but before you take another step, ask yourself: What am I doing for the talented employees I already have? Maintaining an atmosphere that suits the needs of your existing talent is no easy feat, because as your company grows, so do its employees. Don’t become a revolving […]

Thanks! Now Relax and Have Fun!

The US celebrates Labor Day on Monday. It is a time “to honor the contributions and resilience of working Americans.” So thanks.  But we don’t have to do it this weekend. In fact, I offer you a challenge. Neuroscience tells us if we take breaks, we come back refreshed and even more productive. So…my challenge. Challenge – Pick one day this weekend […]

The Risks of Authenticity: How to Make Authentic Leadership Work For Everyone

In the last few years, I’ve noticed more leaders sharing the perspective that to be great, they must lead authentically — that being our most true and genuine selves at work is the gold standard. The underlying belief is that if we can be ourselves without having to adapt to each situation or circumstance, we […]

Emotional Intelligence Means More Than Empathy

If you ask me, there’s a narrow understanding of emotional intelligence (EI). People tend to associate it with empathy, but that’s only one piece of an elaborate puzzle. Managers, peers, and team members have told me I have high EI, but if I’m honest with myself, which can be hard, my level of emotional intelligence […]

The Basics of Psychological Safety

Psychological Safety What is it? Psychological Safety represents the extent to which the team views the social climate as conducive to interpersonal risk; it is a measure of people’s willingness to trust others not to attempt to gain personal advantage at their expense. Why is it important? It creates a climate of openness that facilitates […]