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I Was Doing It Wrong!

I was lucky.  I had the honor of working on and with great teams throughout my career. But, as I have been doing more and more research on hiring and integrating new employees onto teams, I realize I was doing it wrong. 

When I created new job descriptions, I took the old one and copied it, changing a few of the deliverables.  I thought about the skills required, I didn’t think about the behaviors that I needed.  I didn’t consider that I wanted an innovative creative person, and someone who followed the rules.  While it’s possible to find both…it’s not common.  

 I tended to create job descriptions on my own, I didn’t ask others on the team, or even those outside the organization who the person would work for input.

I didn’t create interview questions ahead of time, that aligned to the job description I created.  I often just tried to see if we got along well.  I realize now, that if I took some time up front and designed an interview guide, I could get significantly better results. Research shows you will get much better predictions of how someone will do on the job (up to 26% predictive power). 

I didn’t know that it was ok to use assessments as part of the interview process.  Using a behavioral assessment can get up to 23% better results. If you add a cognitive assessment to that you can get 51% better fit.)

This one is a real, “duh”, I didn’t realize I should have asked the candidate to produce something or share something they did in the past.  I say this is a duh, because I was going to potentially hire them to work with me…what better way to know what they can do, by asking them to do something.  Research shows that this alone predicts 29% of future effectiveness. 

So, I was lucky with my hires.  But, I can’t help but think about the positive impact of being prepared!