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Vulnerability Avoidance and Emotional Leakage

When we reach a certain level of success, especially if we work in a field that focuses on giving back to humanity and providing service to others, we may start to sacrifice our own needs — our time, health, and relationships. Women, in particular, are so used to fighting for their position that they can forget what it means (and how) to express vulnerability with themselves and other people.

Ritual of Reflecting: How to Create a Moment of Reset

For every high point in life, there’s a low one. These inevitable ups and downs may be the most natural thing, but they can still erode your sense of self, causing you to feel trapped inside your own suffering. If you try to control trauma and tragedy — no matter where it falls on a spectrum of intensity — it can derail your healthy routines, stall forward momentum, and thwart your good intentions.

The Evolution of Emotions at Work: Be Intentional & Practice Pausing

For a long time, the idea of showing too much emotion has been seen as somewhat taboo, especially for women in positions of power. The narrative has been that emotions are somehow antithetical to logic or that they signal a softness that is not powerful or strategic; however, things are changing.

Intentionality Without Attachment: How to Loosen Your Grip But Maintain the Desire to Follow Through

When it comes to pursuing your goals, it helps to draw yourself a mental map… but I would suggest working in pencil vs. pen. In other words, don’t be so attached to your plans that you miss out on opportunities for adaptation, exploration, curiosity, and the occasional coincidence.

When Is it Time to Take Action? In Favor of Flying by the Seat of Your Pants

The process of “making moves” or pursuing change in your life often involves a lot of planning (and sometimes, planning to plan). Next, you refine those plans, reflect on the refined plans, and ultimately, start back at square one with more planning.

How to Turn Your Formula for Balance & Success Into a Step-by-Step Plan

If you’ve narrowed your goals and assessed what you are and aren’t willing to give up to achieve them, then it’s time to transform your personal formula for balance and success into a real plan. After all, the whole journey-to-change thing only happens if you can turn your thoughts into action.

Understanding Your Personal Formula for Balance & Success

The definition of success — how and where you want to see it manifest in your life — is highly personal. We’re often influenced by other people’s definition or perception of success, but we’re much more likely to reach our goals if we think about them in the context of our own balanced formula.

Envisioning: Use Your Imagination to Manifest Your Goals

This liminal, in-between space — the dusk of 2022 and the dawn of 2023 — is a great time to look toward the future and reflect on the past. Think about your life thus far and how you want the rest of it to play out. What’s the best case scenario? Visualize it in as much detail as you can. If thinking of your whole life feels daunting, try to focus on the past year or next year instead.

Joy: How Cultivate Meaningful Access Points and Shift Your Baseline

Why do we spend so much time waiting for joy to find us? Many of us are conditioned to believe that joy is simply a lack of suffering, and time heals all wounds, right? But when you really dig in, you will usually find that joy exists in a much more fluid and fleeting way, meant to be pursued and pulled toward you again and again.