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Understanding Your Personal Formula for Balance & Success

The definition of success — how and where you want to see it manifest in your life — is highly personal. We’re often influenced by other people’s definition or perception of success, but we’re much more likely to reach our goals if we think about them in the context of our own balanced formula.

Envisioning: Use Your Imagination to Manifest Your Goals

This liminal, in-between space — the dusk of 2022 and the dawn of 2023 — is a great time to look toward the future and reflect on the past. Think about your life thus far and how you want the rest of it to play out. What’s the best case scenario? Visualize it in as much detail as you can. If thinking of your whole life feels daunting, try to focus on the past year or next year instead.

Joy: How Cultivate Meaningful Access Points and Shift Your Baseline

Why do we spend so much time waiting for joy to find us? Many of us are conditioned to believe that joy is simply a lack of suffering, and time heals all wounds, right? But when you really dig in, you will usually find that joy exists in a much more fluid and fleeting way, meant to be pursued and pulled toward you again and again.

How to Silence the Mind for Space & Perspective

There is a difference between inner and outer silence, but neither one is so much a lack of noise as it is a space to listen. Inner silence already exists within us beneath a heavy layer of mental and physical distractions, and with practice, you can access it even in a crowded room.

What to Bring On Your Journey to Change

When change happens, even small change, it creates a ripple. It’s so important to ride that wave and embrace the momentum on your journey to change. But just because you’ve gained momentum, be careful not to make the mistake of leaving everything behind in your pursuit to move forward.

Nothing Changes ‘til You Do: The First Steps of a Journey

I’ve noticed a strange tension in the world. So many of us want things to change, say we need things to change, but as the saying goes, “Nothing changes ‘til you do.” In most cases, we either don’t know how or don’t want to go on that journey.

Give Yourself Time to Address Burnout Before You Accelerate

If you’re experiencing a case of “That’s not it,” take a pause to get aligned with yourself, your values, your goals, your interests/passion, etc. It’s not so much that knowing what you don’t want is a bad thing; it’s just that it’s not a full picture.

The Great Reflection and Power of Pause

You’ve probably heard of the “Great Resignation,” but do you know about the “Great Reflection?” To achieve lasting, meaningful change and avoid slipping back into old patterns, it’s vital to pause, reflect, and think — not just about what you don’t want, but what you do want.

Embrace Chaos Through Clarity: Ask Yourself 4 Questions

By learning to embrace chaos vs. trying and failing to tame it (an impossible task), we can move forward in more personally meaningful ways. Some theories in neuroscience actually suggest that our minds always operate at a “critical state,” which is like the brink of chaos, somewhere between randomness and order.

Knowing this, how do we start to work with chaos instead of against it?