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How to Cultivate Inspiration and Evoke it in Others (In-person & Online)

What is inspiration? It can feel like a mystery at times — something transcendent that just, well, happens. And while there is a certain magical quality about it, inspiration is not entirely outside your control!

How to Navigate Multiple Realities

Few people would argue that the world around us exists, that we exist. But certain neuroscientists, scientists, and researchers pose that we might not really see reality. It’s a paradox — your brain is telling you that your perceptions are real, that what you see, hear, feel, taste, smell is real, but your senses separate you from accessing the world directly.

How to Create Boundaries Without Becoming Entitled

No matter your profession, employers everywhere have been asking for more from their employees and vice versa. And with good reason! This past year was about redefining work-life-balance and everyone had to make some adjustments.

Three Things to Empower Both the Individual and the Group

How do you accentuate or build upon the strengths that already exist on your team? The question you need to ask is: how do I get the best out of everybody, no matter who it is?

Focus on empowering both the individual and the group as a whole! It’s not a game of “either or.” In order for a team to thrive, everyone needs to feel empowered.

A Three-Part Model for Building Trust on Your Team

There are some clear choices you can make to begin building trust. It really does help to think of it as a foundation upon which you lay below all the other choices that make up your organization.

How to Build Trust From Connection in Our Virtual World

I realized that even before the separation COVID-19 caused, I may have been taking my relationships for granted, relying too heavily on the gift of proximity.

How to Choose Your Word for the Year

Meddlers Founder, Tara Collison, discusses why she chooses a word instead of setting a resolution each year and how you can choose your own word to pursue.

How to Reset Your Intentions After and Amidst Chaos

Our brains are experiencing what neuroscientists call allostatic load—a state at which we’ve encountered too much chaos to adapt any longer. If it’s not a wall, then it’s sort of like a breaking point. We can’t just keep pushing and pushing and pushing... At some point, we all reach a dead stop caused by chronic stress and an inability to take a meaningful break filled with rest and honest reflection.

Reset Your Collaboration and Communication Tendencies

Sharing our collaboration and communication preferences, having a general discussion about them, and humbly admitting when they can get in our own way are all vital steps to creating meaningful and productive relationships at work, as well as building a network of mutual understanding among your team members.