Your People Are the Ultimate Unlock

At Meddlers, we believe that by putting a deeper effort into understanding people (yourself included!), you can create an environment where everyone excels and brings their best selves to work. Research shows that overall company productivity improves by 20-25% in organizations with well-connected, engaged employees. When you put your people first, you create a functional culture that inspires better business results.

Leaders often solely focus on their business strategy when growing their companies. By the time they realize they need to address their people strategy and culture strategy, they aren’t able to focus as much time and energy into these plans of action. In order to get your best business results, however, it’s important to focus on all three strategies.

You may have a good business already. If you want sustainable results that move with you in the market, though, you’ll have to marry all three strategies together.

But how?

Align People Management with Business Strategy
It comes back to aligning your values as a company with the way you manage your teams. Everyone needs to be on the same page about your company’s mission, goals, and “big picture” plans, and they individually should feel comfortable discussing these facets. By doing so, you create a people-centered work culture that thrives!

Not sure where to start? Get to know your employees! Reach out and make an effort to listen to them individually and as a group. If you don’t initially communicate and build relationships with your people, then any later efforts to “put them first” are wasted.

Hire Well and Listen Closely
You get to choose who works on your team, so hire wisely! Bring in the kinds of people who work well with the environment and culture you’ve already established. During the interview process, provide a clear description of expectations and responsibilities to ensure you’re both on the same page.

As the leader, think about your employees throughout the stages of their lives. Consider who you are hiring, what role those individuals are playing, and what kind of culture you are building. Show genuine interest in your employees, your team, and your company as a whole, and remain flexible as problems arise.  Listen to your teams as they identify areas of strength and areas for improvement.

While this may seem difficult, it doesn’t have to be. There is an abundance of tools to help you work through a strategy for your people. You might also consider using various assessments in the early stages of hiring.

Tools to Help you Understand Your People
There are many tools and models of practice to help you better create a better work environment and understand your people more. The use of behavioral assessments, such as Predictive Index (PI) or Total SDI, can help you understand how your current and prospective employees think and work. This knowledge can allow you to develop new strategies to motivate your employees or help you to understand more effective communication strategies.

Unlock Employee Potential with Meddlers
Your company’s success rests on the strength of your employees—they’re truly the ultimate unlock! Alignment and engagement are key to building a cohesive team, and Meddlers can partner with your business to help your employees unleash their potential. Contact us today!