Three Things to Empower Both the Individual and the Group

How do you accentuate or build upon the strengths that already exist on your team? It’s not about changing the team by subtracting or adding individuals — unless you’re in the thick of hiring, but truth be told, that’s an entirely different story. 

The question you need to ask is: how do I get the best out of everybody, no matter who it is

Focus on empowering both the individual and the group as a whole! It’s not a game of “either or.” In order for a team to thrive, everyone needs to feel empowered.

Three Things to Think About to Empower the Individual and the Group

Consider the dynamic of your team as being made of three parts. First, there is the individual. At this level, it’s important to empower people to bring their best, individual selves — their talents, character strengths, values, and all — keeping these separate from what they bring as a member of a team. These are, in fact, different things. 

Next, there is the team level. Who is the team when everyone is together? How do all those individuals with distinct skills and goals mesh? This is a silly example, but I’m picturing the Little Rascals piled on top of each other’s shoulders. Separately, we’re talking about three mischievous kids. Put them together and you’ve got a gentleman in a bowling hat and a trench coat. 

Lastly, there is the interchange between individuals and the group. Think of it like a venn diagram — in the left-hand circle you have individuals; in the right-hand circle there’s the team; and in the overlapping middle, there’s the exchange between the two.

Now, let’s translate these three parts into action:

Three Things to Do to Empower the Individual and the Group

  1. Understand individual styles: be curious about your players and get to know how they work, as well as what kind of environment or leadership style motivates them.
  2. Have a conversation about sharing strengths: engage in one-on-one and group discussions about sharing strengths with each other.
  3. Fine tune (and make clear) who you are: identify shared strengths, values, and goals. That’s who you are as a group! 


When you want to help the team you have right now to become as powerful and effective as possible, it’s not always about bringing in anyone new. Even if it feels like certain members don’t mesh, or that there’s an all around disconnect, it is 100% possible to bring individuals and the group into alignment, striving for the same thing with a renewed sense of belonging. 

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