The Great Reflection and Power of Pause

Most of us have something in our lives that we’d like to change, whether it’s related to our career, relationships, health & wellness, or personal goals. The last two years certainly gave us a good picture of what we’d like to move away from or leave behind, but there’s an important step that a lot of folks skip on the path to somewhere new. You’ve probably heard of the “Great Resignation,” but do you know about the “Great Reflection?” To achieve lasting, meaningful change and avoid slipping back into old patterns, it’s vital to pause, reflect, and think — not just about what you don’t want, but what you do want.

As a society, the last few years have forced us to reflect; for some of us, it genuinely may have been the first time we’ve had to truly reflect in years. At least in part, that reflection has contributed to the monumental shift in talent we’ve been seeing. People are leaving their jobs in droves. Once faced with the very real and disturbing realities of 2022, it seems that many of us don’t want to stay at a job that doesn’t align with our goals and values; it’s just not worth it. Now, all we can think about is escape.

Before you make a run for it, take a few deep breaths. Reflection is powerful, and paired with pause, it gives you the time and space to create intention. A pause may sound frustratingly passive when everything inside of you is telling you to move, but it’s an important moment of rest (physical, mental, or emotional) that allows your brain to adjust, readjust, and make new connections. It will serve you immensely moving forward. 

Your pause can be micro or macro. A micro pause might look like a 20-minute walk, a moment of meditation, dancing to a favorite song, or taking a quality coffee break. But a macro pause requires effort over time. You can pause whether you’re on a sabbatical or going about your business as usual.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Pause

To get the most out of your pause, take the following steps: 

Embrace the Power of Pause

A pause may seem like a luxury you do not have right now, but don’t confuse reflection with vacation. Pausing is all about finding space within whatever time you already have to breathe and slow down the chaos in your head long enough to get a clearer picture of what’s there and identify the right path forward.