Quick Tips to Organize Your Workspace

Our worldly surroundings influence our mental well-being. It’s a widely accepted truth, but we all still struggle to organize (or maintain) our physical space. At Meddlers, we believe you should never take your personal workspace for granted. It has the power to reduce your stress, improve your mood, and boost your energy levels. Take one minute to read our three tips on workspace organization!

Organize Items Based on Frequency of Use
Organize your workspace so the items you use most – pens, important papers, your calendar – are close enough to grab quickly. The items you use less often can go into a filing cabinet or under-desk storage container. Don’t waste personal space on the unimportant or unused. Sticking to this habit takes persistence more than anything else. Keep at it!

Don’t Sacrifice Comfort
We spend an enormous portion of our time at work. Whether you work in an office space or at home, the same advice applies – don’t sacrifice your comfort. Start with a decent chair that supports your back, or maybe an under-desk footrest. Lighting is important too! A good lamp will save your eyes and keep annoying headaches at bay.

“Hit the Reset Button” Every So Often
Once in a while – every month, perhaps – hit a figurative reset button and clear out your space. Take inventory of everything – notes, tchotchkes, etc. – and toss what doesn’t serve you. As far as personal mementos and decorative items, it’s good to take a second and think about whether or not that item makes you happy or more productive. You can always bring in new pictures, or switch out one piece for another. Keep things fresh!

More Spring Cleaning!
It’s important to take inventory of our professional habits as well as the items in our workspace. For more information on managing your time and energy, read our Spring cleaning blog!