Predictive Index Presents “Dream Team” for Talent Strategy

As you begin to think about rebuilding and bouncing back in what will eventually be a post-COVID world, consider the foundation or bedrock of your business — its people. Whether or not you’ve been able to maintain your existing team throughout the turmoil of 2020, 2021 will be a time to realign regardless of circumstance. Think about how you will reconnect your business strategy to its people, their separate and combined values, motivations, and energies. 

Whether you’re looking to bring back some old faces, or even hire a few new ones, leading and team-building has never been a simple matter of scouring the contents of a resume. It’s about aptitude, fit, and skills. As such, the best strategy to formulate now and into the new year is a talent-based strategy — one that you can align to your business strategy. 

Dream Teams

Predictive Index (P.I.) has recently extended its services to help you, as a leader, create an understanding of where you’re going as a team. Whatever that particular understanding is, it also helps you create a dynamic strategy to achieve your goal. Dream Teams provides a wide variety of tools like team profiles, strategy profiles, action plans, templates, and reports. The extension allows you to not only understand the profile of your individual team members, but also the strategy of your team as a whole, allowing you to get the most out of everyone and proactively plan ways to bring your strategy to life. 

Using these tools, you can map out your talent strategy, prepare for specific blind spots, and prevent the inertia that can sometimes take you in the wrong direction with traditional strategies. It can also assist you in adding people to the team who suit your strategy like puzzle pieces. Dream Teams is an opportunity to maximize success and rebuild with confidence after what has been a long year of obstacles, downturns, and surprises. 

Even into the future, if we’re not out of hot water yet, great people will still be the engine of our businesses. I’m talking about managers and individual contributors, both coming together in teams that are equipped to support each other (even if working remotely) and work toward a common goal. 

In addition to this new offer, P.I. offers a free course series to build consistently high-performing teams. It covers topics like collaboration, accountability, celebration of strengths, and harmonious engagement. If you want to learn more about Dream Teams or other P.I. software, reach out to Meddlers today!