How to Engage Your Team in a Meaningful Way

There’s a science behind building engaged teams – a growing collection of knowledge and opinions that can be tested in the office. Your specific strategy will depend on a few variables (e.g., team members and business goals), but ultimately it comes down to incentives.

It would be unwise to underestimate the motivation of a good salary; however, people are looking for more than just money–they’re looking for meaning. Don’t dismiss the power of intangibles!

Studies indicate there’s only a marginal association between pay and job satisfaction. Psychologist Lewis Garrad says, “Money may lure people into jobs, but purpose, meaning, and the prospect of interesting and valuable work determines both their tenure and how hard they will work while they are on the job.”

This means that people are more likely to engage when they experience their role as meaningful, and in many ways, that meaning stems from a solid company culture. Do people want to work with/for you? Do they see your culture as an incentive?

Create a Company Culture That Engages Your Team
Forming organizational culture takes time and effort. It’s the culmination of your company’s beliefs, values, and principles – determined not only by the experience of each team member but by your collective history, management style, and deliverables. But it’s more than the work your team produces. It’s how your team produces that work.

Culture influences every aspect of your business. When done right, it can certainly act as an enticement for employees to engage. Let’s discuss some of the key elements to consider when building your culture:

Talk to Meddlers About Engagement
According to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace report, research shows that employee disengagement costs the United States more than $550 billion a year in lost productivity. This is a serious problem but also an opportunity to master what is the science and art of engagement. 

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