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Express the Best Version of Yourself

Meddlers helps you define and express the best version of yourself, regardless of how conventional or unconventional your vision of success may be. We celebrate individuality and empowerment, embracing the beauty of diverse aspirations. If you want to tap into your strengths, passions, and values, we can help you sculpt a path that resonates with you.


Tara A.Collison,
Ph.D., PCC

My name is Tara Collison. I founded Meddlers out of a deep desire to help others be their best selves.

My story of personal and professional growth mirrors the stories of countless other people, including many inspirational women, who dared to reinvent themselves. Having traversed the corporate landscape throughout my career, I built my expertise with Fortune 50 companies, empowering leaders, teams, and organizations to achieve their goals.

Ways to Engage


Self Study


Alchemy Labs


Executive and
leadership coaching

What We Do

Change Comes
From Within

We help motivated executives, leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners to lead and live more authentically. From leaders who are at or near burn out to those who are looking to reach new heights we help our clients adapt to adversity, rebuild negative thought patterns, navigate career transitions, lead high-performing teams, think multidimensionally, make intentional changes, increase confidence (and temper ego), and align values and action.

Hear What People Have to Say!

"We brought in the Meddlers team to help us during a time of significant growth for our organization. From strategic alignment across all our teams, implementation of Predictive Index, leadership development and executive coaching, Tara is instrumental in the achievement of our goals and objectives. Her genuine commitment to our success has earned her deep trust and respect among our team, accelerating our learning and engagement across the organization."

Mike Shore CEO – HOM,Inc.

“Meddlers (Tara) approach to coaching is focused on making you the best version of you. They (she) uses a methodical approach to understand the underlying drivers of personal satisfaction and then equips their (her) clients with an operating systems that unlocks the keys to high personal and organizational performance.”

Troy Lauterbach SVP - First Solar

"I cannot say enough on how Tara’s coaching has been instrumental in helping my career. I have been lucky enough to work with Tara on multiple occasions. Tara brings all of the right ingredients needed in being a successful coach. Tara listens to understand the root of what is going on, then asks the right probing questions to get you to evolve your thinking and approach. Finally, I was able to develop a level of trust that truly allows for in-depth conversation. I highly recommend working with Tara."

Maurice DuPas VP – Cisco

“Tara is the best coach I have worked with over my professional career. Tara was great to work with and provided guidance that helped me become a better leader that is future ready.”

“Tara leveraged feedback from key stakeholders and discussion to delve deeper into areas of opportunity. This approach helped create awareness and actions to be the best leader I can for our team.”

John Moses VP – Cisco

Architect Your Own Life

It is difficult to prioritize personal growth, fulfillment and self-sovereignty, especially when you’ve been so focused for so long on addressing other needs – your career, clients, co-workers, kids, you name it. Even once you’ve carved out the time, it can still be a challenge to change habits that have contributed to your success. The thing is, those habits may no longer serve you. Maybe they never really did.

Using the success you’ve already achieved as a jumping-off point to create a life of true meaning requires reflection, commitment and ownership. Think of Meddlers as a bridge between where you are and where you want to be; we will help you get to the other side. Designed to be integrated into your busy schedule, I share concrete, research-backed strategies, tools, and approaches that enable growth and change. 

Depending on how much guidance you are looking for or how far you want me to walk with you, you can engage with a personalized combination of our core services — Self-study Materials, Group Alchemy Labs, and 1:1 Executive & Leadership Coaching.